RAI integrates voice and data communication seamlessly.


The modern workplace requires instant response. Converged communications networks can help businesses better anticipate and respond to customer requests. RAI uses its industry-leading expertise creating converged voice and data network solutions as the foundation for every assessment, recommendation and implementation. The goal of every implementation is to integrate unified communications systems in complex business environments while eliminating disruption to existing business systems and operations. The outcome is scalable, fully-integrated voice and data network solutions that produce immediate results for clients.

RAI provides a wide variety of telecommunications products and services including:


Communication Services

RAI IP telephony services integrate client networks and telephony systems, reducing overall costs for equipment ownership and monthly phone lines. RAI provides deployment of data and voice communications between company locations and to third-party locations using leading technologies including LAN, WAN, Voice Over IP, conferencing and messaging.


Application Integration

RAI enables a productive work environment by developing a comprehensive integration plan addressing needs of network, workstation, handheld and wireless technology and other client devices. RAI integration solutions use back-office applications tailored to help clients achieve a seamless and efficient data flow across multiple systems and functional areas.


Integrated Messaging and Collaboration

RAI can help businesses improve interoffice communications within workgroups and between multiple sites through implementation of integrated messaging and collaboration tools. RAI evaluates existing connectivity, both networking and telephony, and designs solutions that utilize existing resources as well as new technologies. RAI provides e-mail, unified messaging and Web-enabled platform migrations that provide anytime/anywhere access.