Data Management Services


RAI believes your company should know more about your data than anyone else.

Improving your database architecture and accessibility leads to a new level of business intelligence arming business decision-makers with the information they need to transform their organization and improve their overall return on investment. Whether facing new regulatory standards, trying to integrate multiple customer touch points, or looking to maximize your return on marketing investment, RAI has the expertise to ensure success and security.

Featured Data Management Services include:


Database Security

RAI can identify database security weaknesses, such as those created by weak passwords or persisting development-type environments, and provide recommendations to correct them and limit the risk of reintroducing security weaknesses.


Data Integration

RAI can build a reporting process that extracts the correct data from multiple systems, identify and transform data into the level of detail required by your business needs, and create a method to display information that is consistent, integrated, and repeatable. RAI can also provide data cleansing and standardization services to reduce duplication and improve the efficiency of direct marketing programs.


Business Intelligence

RAI combines expertise in data warehousing, OLAP, and advanced report delivery systems to architect high-level business analysis tools for its clients. RAI is able to centralize client's data from multiple sources, maintain historical data without affecting the integrity of legacy systems, and ultimately, provide easy access to consistent, reliable information about their key company practices.


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

RAI combined expertise in database administration and storage architecture enables it to create business continuity and recovery plans that provide both quick infrastructure recovery and backup, while providing methods that are able to retain and recover the data that is critical to your company's operations.