RAI - About Us

Customer Service

That is what Rotondo Associates is and has been about for the many years that we have been in business. Customer and quality service is what has helped bring our clients to where they are today. We have helped our clients succeed and use their IT resources to the fullest.  Our superior service and attention to detail are the key components we offer to help your business prosper.

We are able to service all types of companies, including law offices, dental and healthcare providers, advertising agencies, apparel industry, manufacturing and construction industries, travel and entertainment.


Our Mission Statement

Rotondo Associates Inc. is dedicated to providing quality products and services on a timely basis at competitive prices. We go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with any and all work that is done. Our goal is to provide superior services with a commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

Beyond Systems to Solutions

Rotondo Associates Inc. believes in the power of technology to solve business challenges. But technology alone is no solution - success requires understanding, expertise, application, integration. RAI is a leading provider of integrated engineering solutions for the design, upgrade and expansion of business networks. RAI infrastructure solutions consolidate and optimize IT resources, improving clients’ business productivity by providing high availability and high performance. A solution unapplied is really no solution at all. Partner with an organization committed to bringing your plans into the present.

A Proud History

We have a 25+ year history of building long-term service-oriented relationships that enabled RAI to build a business from referrals alone. With hundreds of satisfied local businesses, receiving complete IT support from RAI, we are very proud of our achievements, and proud of what we do every single day.

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